The Lymond Poetry - Dorothy Dunnett

The Lymond Poetry

By Dorothy Dunnett

  • Release Date: 2003-06-05
  • Genre: Poetry


A beautiful collection of Renaissance poetry, assembled by one of the world's finest historical novelists.

Dorothy Dunnett died in November 2001. She left behind this anthology, chosen by her from the hundreds of poems which she used in her world-famous series of novels known as THE LYMOND CHRONICLES.

It is a fascinating set of choices, featuring Thomas Wyatt, King James I, extracts from the Psalms, and even an anonymous poem called 'Monologue of a Drunkard' - as Dorothy herself writes, here in one volume is 'the poetry of love, of folk-humour and ballad, the songs of Persian poets and of the troubadours, translated where need be into English.'