Genealogy, a Novel - Mae Wood

Genealogy, a Novel

By Mae Wood

  • Release Date: 2018-10-25
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 17 Ratings


Inspired by real, hundred-year-old love letters.My great-grandmother's name is bold across the cream envelope, now golden at the seams with age. I can't remember the last time I've seen graceful, purposeful handwriting with a fountain pen and not the hasty scrawl of ballpoint.Alice Hirshhorn, Astoria Hotel, Seattle Washington."Letters to Great-grandma Alice," I say with wonder, tracing my fingers over the faded postmark and foreign stamps.December 1915. Philippine Islands.I turn the thick envelope in my palm, slide out the tightly folded pages, and unfold the thin paper, taking care not to tear the letters that were important enough to keep for a century.My dearest Alice"Great-grandpa was in the Philippines?" I ask."Oh no. Not your great-grandfather," answers Grammie, her eyes twinkling with her mother's secrets. "Elliott."​~~~At thirty-three and with her future unclear, Ali Waller finds her way home again. A box of long-forgotten love letters written to her great-grandmother holds the unlikely key to Ali finding her new path.As she tracks down the letter writer and his descendants, Ali learns the magic of love, hope, and resilience.Told by three characters, and across century and an ocean, Genealogy is an enchanting story about love and loss, taking chances, and embracing the surprises that life brings.A twelve-question discussion guide is included, making Genealogy a perfect choice for your book club or a buddy read.

"Joy, heartbreak, and love captured in ink. ... I loved every word."  -  Melanie MorelandNew York Times bestselling author

"Genealogy is a big story with even bigger heart." - Lucy ScoreWall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author"It's poignant and hopeful, and it's heartbreaking in the most perfect ways. Five fabulously emotional stars!" - Kate CanterbaryUSA Today bestselling author 

Genealogy's paperback edition is 317 pages.


  • All the Feels!!

    By Ladydi232
    Genealogy is a story that beautifully blends historical and contemporary romance. I read this book from beginning to end in less than a day! “His heart tightens as the illusion of their proximity shimmers and breaks. They are so far apart, both in space and time. The thousands of miles he swore to bridge with his letters...” Ali discovers letters written to her great grandmother Alice. Letters that reveal an epic love story. With those letters the author takes us on a journey through time to early 1900’s and gives us a real feel for the time and places. “Sometimes love burns slowly like a smoldering coal and sometimes it’s a flaming forest fire.” Woven into this tale is Ali’s story that is a wonderful contemporary romance. It gives us all the feels from heartbreak to humor. A slow burn that had me turning pages and unable put my book down. -5 Stars!-
  • “Perhaps his mind created her. She was a vision after all.”

    By Romance213
    Lost love letters written by Alice and Elliott 100 years ago, which were found in a secret drawer, paved the way for Ali and Ben to meet and opened the door to a time when life was different but love was still the same: magical, extraordinary and full of adventure. Despite living 100 years apart, they lived parallel lives. The two couples had a lot in common; they were adventurous and wanted to spend their lives seeing and doing things together. Elliott noticed Alice on the train and didn’t miss his chance to introduce himself one morning at breakfast. Even though Ben didn’t want to talk to Ali about the letters, she didn’t give up and continued to email him, adding more information each time, until he agreed to email her back. Elliott always regretted not asking Alice to go with him on the ship to the Philippines. In a letter she never sent, she admitted that she would have gone with him and that she wanted to adventure with him. Who knows what would have happened if she had mailed the letter. Of course, Ali and Ben wouldn’t be here if Alice had run away with Elliott, so that is just and interesting anecdote. It was love at first sight for Elliott and he definitely swept Alice off her feet. She loved spending a wonderful five days with him and oftentimes she wondered if it had all been a dream. Elliott sent flowers to Alice with a personal note the morning he left and she kept and cherished the gift for the rest of her life. Ali and Ben began their courtship emailing back and forth, where they got to know each other and eventually felt comfortable enough to share all of their hopes and dreams. It doesn’t matter how you get to know someone, whether through handwritten letters or by way of cyber-space. What is important is that you are honest with each other and keep an open mind and heart. I am in love with this book because not only is it a love story but it also gives us a glimpse into the past and shows us what the world was like so long ago. Most of us don’t remember our history lessons but by reading their letters we can understand what the world was like at that time, how hard it was to find a job, make a living and be happy. This is a one of a kind book that no one will ever recreate because Mae wrote these words from her heart and gladly shared them with us.
  • A truly epic romance!

    By Htjhha
    I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of Genealogy and even now, weeks later, I still find myself thinking about this beautiful book, its story and its characters. Genealogy is not only a poignant, dare I say epic, love story but also a story of growth and self-discovery. It touching, romantic, bittersweet and swoony. It’s the love stories of two couples that, although separated by 100 years, fit together and around each other without seeming artificial or forced, and draw the reader in completely. As a history buff, nothing bothers me more than historical settings or situations in fictional books that don't ring true. That is NOT the case here. You can tell this was meticulously researched, and the vivid historical details add a richness and depth to the story that make the settings in the book characters in their own rights, as much as the people are. The dual timelines weave and connect together seamlessly, bridging the 100 year span that separates them and allowing us modern readers to easily relate to not only our modern contemporaries, but their historical counterparts as well. And without giving anything away, all I can say is, the last sentence it possibly one of the best-written endings (and most touching) I've read in a very long time. If you're the kind of person who skips ahead to the end of the book to read the last chapter, do yourself a favor and don't do it - let the story unfold organically. *I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*